Society Isle offers holistic, wellbeing treatments and products, with visible results after the very first treatment.

Hello, I am
Lee-Anne Brunskill
owner of Society Isle Beauty.
The name SOCIETY ISLE is inspired by the Society Islands, a part of French Polynesia renowned for their aromatic and magical scenery, where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility, beneficial for your state of mind. There is a sacred force in the islands of Tahiti called Mana (energy and life source).

Yon-Ka Paris skincare is rooted in aromatherapy techniques and uses the vital energy of plants, nuts, seeds and marine algae, aimed at enhancing the well-being of the skin, body, and mind. Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia, derives its name from the concept of "somewhere other than here," imbuing it with a sense of enchantment and mystery.

I am trained in the SHEILA PEREZ METHOD, created by Sheila Perez in Miami, a vibrant coastal city. This method offers transformative body treatments that sculpt the body, reduce measurements, eliminate toxins, and diminish cellulite. I am also trained in the traditional method of lymphatic drainage massage, and have attended further training in other lymphatic massage methods and C-Scar release methods. I have combined all my knowledge and experience to create my own massage method.

Additionally, I offer Kahuna massage, Level 4 certified, a nurturing, healing massage, originating from Polynesia.

My affinity for Yon-Ka Paris flourished during my tenure at Aqua Spa in Shoal Bay Resort and Spa in NSW, which I established and managed for 2 years. Clients from across Australia became devoted Yon-Ka enthusiasts.

Having received training in Paris, I have also educated numerous therapists in Australia on delivering holistic Yon-Ka Paris skincare treatments. I am committed to continuing my journey of providing clients with holistic Yon-Ka Paris treatments and Body therapies that deliver visible results from the very first session, in alignment with my passion for this craft.

have combined all my knowledge and experience to create my own massage method: RITUAL Body Sculpt & Lymphatic Method.
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An exclusive and unique with nothing similar in the world. It works like an immediate manual liposculpture with effective results that can been seen in the very first session.

#REINVENTING THE MASSAGE. This is the most advanced treatment that provides a real body change, by shaping it providing measurements reduction, drains the body toxins and reduces and even eliminates the cellulite.

The Ritual Body Sculpt & Lymph Method lymphatic drainage is completely different from other techniques found in the market because it has totally different manoeuvres and slips, rhythm, pressure and pumping. Just like Vodder in 1930 created the lymphatic drainage, Lee Brunskill has trained in France, Miami and Australia, and has updated, refined and created the ultimate treatment with a mix of different types of massages for the modern society.

The technique stimulates and enhances the network of vessels that move fluids in the body, acting to reduce fluid retention, activate blood circulation presenting immediate results and providing wellness, relaxation, detoxification, eliminating cellulite, fluids retention and toxins as well. At the end of the 60-minute session the result is a visible detached shaped body.

Ritual Body Sculpt & Lymph Method contemplates about 20 manoeuvres in an hour, in a kind of immediate manual liposculpture that joins the lymphatic drainage techniques with the reducing modeler massage. The result is noticed right after the first manoeuvres. The exclusive protocol created by Lee Brunskill, ensures uniform skin and more defined muscles, as well as fine-tuning the silhouette of the belly and legs.

The distinctive touch reduces measurements, detaches and transforms skin texture, with results that can be seen in the first session. Detoxifies the body Eliminates accumulated fluid in the body Actives the immune system Acts as a painkiller Relives bruising and swelling Assists in the treatment of cellulite Combat swelling and fluid retention Help in the fight against cellulite Assist in the recovery of muscle and joint injuries Collaborate in tissue healing Prevent scar adhesions.

60min Treatment $330
4 x 60 min Treatments $1200
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