A Yon-Ka treatment is a unique and expert alchemy bringing together the hand of the therapist which feels, the tool that reinforces its action and the essential oils that enhance it.
A know-how the brand shares with its authorized partners through regular and on-going training sessions and seminars, in order to ensure we all provide you with visible results.
  • More than classic face and body treatments – and experiential journey to sustained well-being
  • A professional’s choice brand – made by aestheticians for aestheticians
  • 5,000 spa locations world-wide
  • Includes Yon-Ka “lifers”, spas and therapists who have used the brand for many years
Natural Actives By Design
Pioneer and visionary, Yon-Ka's expertise in aromatherapy, aromachology, phytotherapy and gemmotherapy has been recognized for more than 60 years.
Since its creation, Yon-Ka has chosen to always use natural actives, plant extracts, essential oils and ingredients issued from biotechnologies, as long as they deliver the same efficacy as other ingredients with the same purpose.
In recent years, Research & Development advancements have amplified the longevity actions of phytotherapy, i.e. the ability to preserve and repair the skin’s infrastructures. Longevity actions include: Fight inflamm’aging and glycation, telomere protection, ATP synthesis, etc.
Today, Yon-Ka is present in 56 countries through a network of beauty salons, spas and aesthetic clinics.
Lee-Anne Brunskill (Owner of SOCIETY ISLE) has managed her own beauty business for ten years, consulted to other hotel and spa developments, set up and managed a resort spa in NSW (using Yon-Ka Paris skincare), owned a beauty distribution business and completed 10 years managing an award winning 5 Star Hotel Spa, employing up to 22 staff. Also winning customer service excellence awards.
The Promise Of Infinite Rejuvenation
"The cornerstone of our values : the passion for the vegetal world, the humbleness of the researchers, the respect of nature, the art of touch and the expertise to deliver genuine beauty and well-being in harmony with all the ages of life” – Françoise et Catherine Mühlethaler
Standards that have being followed since 1954, above trends and based upon our true beliefs, and allying the listening and respect of our clients (professionals and consumers) with a thorough knowledge of the needs of the skin.
Testimonials from staff at Dome Spa Retreat
@ Brisbane Marriott
Shannon Thompson Beauty Therapist/Spa Coordinator
“Lee is a wonderful manager who always leads by example. Lee educates and constantly encourages her staff here at The Dome Spa Retreat whilst creating an environment based on integrity, trust, respect, and one that encourages feedback, innovation, and creativity. She is the best manager I have ever had! Employees at our Spa flourish and strive from her nurturing and committed personality. Thank you Lee for being a fabulous Manager!”
Julianne Leopold. Receptionist/Beauty Therapist
“Lee creates a beautiful culture within our Spa. She not only listens to you, she feels how you feel... She enlightens this Spa with Love, Beauty and a sense of Belonging. Her words are honest and her personality invites people to grow and become that person they have always wanted to be. Lee considers other people and always puts them before herself, it’s her way. I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that Lee Brunskill is the Best Manager I have ever worked for. When I first started working for her, I remember telling her that I would make her proud of me in every way.
She made me feel like I could accomplish everything I set my mind to and so far I have accomplished my goals."