With a vast array of holistic and customised facial treatments, the Yon-Ka Salons and Spas bring you tailor-made answers to cater to the specific needs of your skin. The essential Yon-Ka face collection of treatments provides immediate and visible results for all ages and skin conditions. Beyond effectiveness, each Yon-Ka facial is an invitation to escape, and a unique moment of relaxation, well-being and harmony.

Your therapist can assist you to choose the most appropriate treatment to treat your concerns on the day.  


Exceptional, aromatic and bespoke treatment. Thanks to a deep cleansing in 5 phases, specific techniques and a long relaxing massage, you will be swept away into the Yon-Ka experience: aromatic olfactory universe, expertise of the gesture, visible and measurable efficiency. This is the first essential Yon-Ka treatment, for deep relaxation, radiant and perfectly clean skin .

All products is natural ・ 1000+ Happy customers ・
This intensely moisturising treatment instantly replenishes your skin thanks to a first mask applied under steam, followed by the application of a double moisturising, refreshing and delicious mask. It is applied to the whole face, even the eyes, and encloses you in a small comfortable cocoon, ideal for letting go completely.
Detox, antioxidant and anti-pollution treatment This perfect anti-ageing solution for ages 25-35 as a preventive step to combat the pollutants and other environmental stressors that damage skin. Skin is deeply cleansed and exfoliated using natural vegetable scrubs and a regenerating peel. A face and neck massage with the treatments hero product, Vital Defense Crème, with anti-pollution and anti-oxidant natural extracts will also help to rid your body of urban stress. Followed with an oxygenated clay mask to purge skin of impurities. A special mask will be applied around the sensitive eye area to rest your eyelids and decrease the appearance of puffy, tired eyes.
An anti-aging facial for all skin types suffering from a lack of resiliency. It is well-suited for clients 45+ years old and acts like a “personal trainer” for the skin, lifting and restructuring it to correct the visible signs of aging. It includes Yon-Ka exclusive techniques and products to restructure and fortify the skin. You’ll receive a premium facial featuring deep exfoliation, with targeted techniques for firming care, finished with a professional-only mask that lifts and tightens the skin for visible results. Your skin will be firmer, with a visibly sculpted facial contour.
Anti-wrinkles smoothing treatment, It will leave your skin more beautiful, protected, and deeply hydrated while smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.
Wrinkle filler care, redensifying, anti-fatigue The Time Resist treatment is well-suited for mature clients aged 45 and older who have already felt the effects of inflamm’aging in their skin or are looking to prevent them. A premium anti-aging facial starting with a deep exfoliation, followed by Yon-Ka exclusive techniques to target wrinkles and finishing with an exclusive professional-only mask to lift and tighten the skin. The result is smooth, energized skin with reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

ADD a 30min LED Light therapy to any facial for $55.
All products is natural ・ 1000+ Happy customers ・
All products is natural ・ 1000+ Happy customers ・
This global anti-aging treatment features exclusive high-performance techniques and professional-grade Yon-Ka products to repair and rejuvenate mature skin. The excellence code global youth cream provides 20 key ingredients to act on all signs of aging concerns: lines/wrinkles,collagen and elastine, nourishment and dark spots.

An anti-aging facial with Yon-Ka exclusive techniques including:
  • Draining – using gentle motions to encourage detoxification and drainage, reducing puffiness and revitalizing dull complexion.

  • Energy Points – a gentle, relaxing massage that touches on acupuncture points and meridians in the body to release blocked energy and detoxify the skin and body.

  • Anti-Aging Massage – uses varying movements and degrees of pressure to firm and lift the skin and improve a dull complexion.

  • and a premium biocellulose mask for the face, and hand care. The skin will be left looking smoother, brighter, firmer, and re-energized.